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Over 20 Real-World Experts Give Facility Managers the Most Up-to-Date Strategies, Tools, and Vendors Profitable Zero Waste Businesses Are Using to Thrive in a Post-China Recycling Industry.

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About the Virtual Summit

During this free 3-day online event, over 20 industry experts will share everything facility managers need to know to thrive in a post-China recycling industry. Get your ticket today to ensure you learn how profitable zero waste businesses do the following:

  • Prevent price hikes and cancelled service
  • Audit waste streams for additional savings
  • Create strong vendor partners and a Plan B
  • Find creative and innovative partnerships
  • Verify performance and get recognition

Attend This Free Online Event

2020 Date to be Announced

Benefits for Facility Managers

20+ Expert Speakers

10+ Hours of Free Training

 20+ Time Saving Action Guides

2,000+ Facility Managers Interacting

$1,000+ Travel Expenses Saved

0 Miles Traveled

 3 Days: Join me each day at 6 am (your local time)

3 Days of Free Training

Day 1 - The situation: An overall industry scan, free ROI tools and multiple case study success stories that show you how profitable zero-waste companies are building their programs.

Day 2 - Diversion: Waste audit, bill pay and software, composting, purchasing, broker, waste-to-energy, and marketing tools and solutions.

Day 3 - Innovation: Innovative nonprofit and municipal collaborations, industry best practice sharing, designing for a circular economy, and zero-waste certifications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this event a good fit for me?
If you are a facility manager responsible for managing waste for your company, then YES! Each speaker interview is focused on making your life easier, avoiding lost money and time from price hikes and cancelled service, finding additional savings, creating strong vendor partnerships and a Plan B, and getting verification and recognition for performance.
Who do I get to learn from?
All our speakers are industry experts with real-world experience—no academics or government officials. The majority are zero-waste businesses and the vendors who helped them achieve success. Others include the only 3 zero-waste certifying agencies that exist today, the senior editor of an industry-leading waste publication, and an expert with 40+ years of experience in making the business case to senior leadership.
How do I watch the sessions?
Register for your free ticket and you will receive a welcome email with all the details to access the sessions. Mark your calendar… and each day of the free online event you will receive emails with links to view the trainings from your smartphone, tablet or computer.
Where is this event located?
Online. The beauty of a virtual summit is that you do not have to make any travel arrangements. Once you register for your free ticket, you will receive a welcome email with all the event details. Mark your calendar… and each day of the free online event you will receive emails with special access links to the training sessions.
What if I can’t attend all the sessions?
Once you register for your free ticket, you will get access to all daily sessions for 48 hours. Mark your calendar… and if you cannot take off work for professional development (talk to your boss) you can easily all the content watch in the morning, over your lunch break, and in the evening. Once you register you will also have the option to get a VIP Pass with lifetime access to all training sessions, bonus videos, resource checklists from the experts, and more to help continue implementing profitable zero-waste initiatives for years to come.
When is the Profitable Zero Waste Virtual Summit?
This free online 3-day event is available on-demand. When you register you will receive a welcome email with all the access information.

Then at 6 am, your local time, you will get your first trainings via email. You will receive the trainings for the second and third day at the same time on the following days.

You will have 24 hours to access the content for each of the days.

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